Call for Project Proposals-Center for the Arts in Society - Carnegie Mellon University

Call for Project Proposals

CAS Narrative Initiative 2017 - 2020

This call builds upon the previous CAS initiatives in “Public Art,” “Media” and on the currently concluding “Performance” initiative. Please visit the respective pages for more information.

The Narrative Initiative aims at highlighting the interconnected artistic, theoretical, and social issues that emerge when the concept of narrativity is considered in all its cross-disciplinary richness to encompass aesthetics, politics, technological assessment, and the “everyday.”  The rubric of “Narrative” has the potential to challenge distinctions between artists and scholars as well as the distinctions between art, with its aesthetic goals and concerns, technology, with its problem-solving and consumer-oriented aims, and humanist research with its reflective and analytical goals.  We seek to support projects that find new ways, in Carnegie Mellon’s richly interdisciplinary research environment, to mobilize narrative in the service of advancing artistic and humanistic creativity, knowledge, and research.  

The projects will be funded for three years; the project leader will receive a one-month $5000 summer salary supplement for each of the three years, plus $20,000 in additional funds to develop and produce the project. Additional funding for publication and project related course development will be available.  Project leaders must be faculty members of Dietrich or CFA. Projects should involve multiple participants and have a public presence within and outside Carnegie Mellon. The projects also should be “productive,” meaning they aim to realize significant works over the course of the funded period.  These may take the form of publications, electronic projects, events, or other forms of scholarly or artistic production.

To submit a proposal for consideration, please send a one paragraphproject description, a one sentence example of an event that might occur during your project and a link or brief synopsis to an example of a completed project where you or the team members were the primary authors or creative lead, on or before:

 **April 24th 2017** to:

If your proposal is accepted at this first stage of consideration, you will be asked to develop a more detailed proposal for final approval.

Sincerely yours,
James Duesing, Director, Center for the Arts in Society
Felipe Gomez, Co-Organizer of Narrative Initiative
Rich Pell, Co-Organizer of Narrative Initiative