Alumni use of TartanTRAK-Career and Professional Development Center - Carnegie Mellon University

Alumni use of TartanTRAK

All Carnegie Mellon alumni can request an account in TartanTRAK.  The following services are available to alumni through TartanTRAK:

  • On-campus recruiting:  ONLY alumni one year post-graduation can continue to have full access to on-campus recruiting provided they are still seeking their first post-graduate employment opportunity. 
  • Job Postings:  Organizations are able to designate which jobs are for "experienced alumni".  Alumni have access to these positions.
  • Career Fairs:  Alumni can register for job fairs, and submit their resume to attending organizations, through the "events" tab in TartanTRAK.
  • Resume Books:   TartanTRAK hosts a resume book dedicated to alumni job seekers.  Organizations can search the resumes in this resume book and contact those alumni in whom they have interest.
  • Professional Network:  This component is currently in development and set to launch August 1, 2010.  Alumni job seekers can peruse the network of volunteers to seek advice and career assistance.