Volunteers: Objectives-Career and Professional Development Center - Carnegie Mellon University

Volunteers: Objectives

Your goal is to help a student/alumnus to:

  • Explore industries and career paths
  • Connect with someone working in a specific company or industry
  • Learn about a company's culture and career paths
  • Increase their professional network
  • Learn about jobs or summer internships

You may be able to provide:

  • Knowledge about options in a specific career field
  • Advice on obtaining a summer internship or entry-level position in your organization
  • Assistance in researching career options for specific degrees
  • Information on domestic jobs for international students
  • Information on international opportunities for domestic students
  • Knowledge about a geographic area
  • Insight into a professional/graduate program
  • Tips on transitioning from a student to a professional -- internship or full-time
  • Information to prepare for a site visit to your company or organization
  • Alternative "gap year" options (employment options for transition year between college and graduate school or full-time employment)
  • Informational interviews