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TartanTrak Professional Network:  Student Participation

Alumni, parents, employers and other friends of Carnegie Mellon University have agreed to be ProNet Volunteers and have entered their information into TartanTRAK's ProNet database. 

Why participate in ProNet?

In addition to the career advice and resources available from your Career Consultant and the Career and Professional Development Center, a ProNet Volunteer may be able to help you to:

  • Explore industries and career paths
  • Connect with someone working in a specific company or industry
  • Learn about a company's culture and career paths
  • Increase your professional network
  • Learn about jobs or summer internships
  • Complement your activities in the TartanGPS program

ProNet Volunteers may be able to assist you by providing:

  • Knowledge about options in a specific career field
  • Advice on obtaining a summer internship or entry-level position in their organization
  • Assistance in researching career options for specific degrees
  • Information on domestic jobs for international students
  • Information on international opportunities for domestic students
  • Knowledge about a geographic area
  • Insight into a professional/graduate program
  • Tips on transitioning from a student to a professional -internship or fulltime
  • Information to prepare for a site visit to their company or organization
  • Alternative gap year options
  • Informational interviews

ProNet and TartanGPS:  Global Professional Strategies Program

You can utilize ProNet to complement your activities in the TartanGPS program.  TartanGPS is a career navigation system for Carnegie Mellon undergraduate students, managed by the Career and Professional Development Center.   Divided into three distinct Coordinates, this system integrates learning from the classroom, experiential, and campus involvements with the student's natural abilities, interests and aspirations to operationalize a unique career vision.  A few of the many examples of how ProNet can complement the goals of the TartanGPS program include:

  • Providing a forum for students to explore options and learn about career paths
  • Building a professional network
  • Participating in job shadowing
  • Learning about jobs and summer internship opportunities

For additional information on the TartanGPS program, please contact your Career Consultant.

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