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2) Getting Paid

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Forms & Paperwork

Prior to your first day of work, you will need to complete the necessary paperwork at the Payroll Services Office to ensure you are paid accurately and promptly. All first-time employees must complete the Form I-9, which is for employment eligibility verification, and the W-4 form, which is the IRS form employees use to determine the amount of federal tax withheld.

Payment Options

Employees can opt to have their earnings deposited electronically into a designated checking or savings account or paid by check which must be picked up in person at the Payroll Services Office.
In order to see a copy of your pay statement and payment records, you must register for an I-Pay Statement at: https://www.cmu.edu/finance/payroll/.

Pay Rates and Hours

Students must be paid at least minimum wage ($7.25/hour as of 7/1/2009) for all jobs. There is no maximum hourly wage unless the job requires that the student have a work-study award in order to apply. For federal work-study and community service federal work-study jobs, the maximum rate per hour is $12.00 for undergraduates.

Timesheets and Payroll

All undergraduate students employed on campus have bi-weekly appointments and are required to complete and submit timesheets documenting hours worked. Timesheets must be signed by both the student and the supervisor.