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TartanTRAK How To:

Find a Student Employment (Campus) Job in TartanTRAK

Access TartanTRAK

1 From any page on the CPDC website, click on Login to TartanTRAK on the lower left menu.

2. Click on Current Student Job Seeker.

3. Enter your Andrew ID and password when prompted.

4. First-year and new students must build their profile from the beginning, completing all required fields.

Applying for Campus Jobs

1. You'll need a resume to apply for a campus job.  If you don't have one, click on the Career Preparation link on the left menu. Choose "Career Success Guides," then "First Year Resumes" for assistance in creating your resume.

2. Once you finish your resume, upload it in the "Documents" section of your TartanTRAK account.

3. To view campus positions in TartanTRAK,  click on “Student Employment," then "Campus Jobs.” You may then begin applying for positions which you qualify for.