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Prior to your first day of work, you need to complete the necessary paperwork to ensure you are paid accurately and promptly. This paperwork will be available from Payroll Services, located in the University Technology Development Center (UTDC) at 4516 Henry Street. You can call Payroll Services at 412.268.2097 or e-mail

I-9 Form- Federal Employment Eligibility Verification

As a first-time student employee at Carnegie Mellon University, you must complete the Form I-9 which is for employment eligibility verification. All I-9 forms are processed in Payroll Services, located in the University Technology Development Center on Henry Street. The Dept. of Homeland Security requires that all new employees complete the I-9 form within 72 hours of employment. An employee will not be paid unless a completed I-9. Form is on file in Payroll Services. Federal regulations require that you present one document from List A below OR one document each from both lists B AND C. For example, if you have a U.S. passport, you need no further documentation. If you have no items from List A, however, you must produce an item from both List B and List C, such as a driver's license or ID card from List B and a U.S. Social Security Card from List C.

See the I-9 form.

Student Payment of Earnings

All undergraduate students employed on campus have bi-weekly appointments and are required to complete and submit timecards documenting hours worked. Graduate students with hourly appointments must also complete timecards. Timecards must be signed by both the student and the supervisor. The supervisor is responsible for mailing the signed timesheets to Payroll Services.

Money earned is paid directly to the student employee through either a bi-weekly paycheck or by deposit into a direct deposit checking or savings account. With direct deposit, funds are electronically deposited into a designated savings or checking account. The Direct Deposit form can be downloaded from the Payroll Services website.

If a student is employed in more than one position, the student will receive ONE paycheck or advice only. Graduate students who have both an hourly and monthly job will be paid once per month, on the monthly payday.

The W-4 Form

The W-4 is the IRS form that employees complete and sign to determine the amount of federal tax withholding. If an employee does not complete a W-4, IRS requires a default of "Single and 0."

Pennsylvania Act 32/Local Earned Income Tax

PA Act 32 requires Carnegie Mellon to collect Earned Income Tax (EIT) on behalf of its employees for the local municipality in which they live or work. Student employees are impacted. Students who are employed at Carnegie Mellon in Pennsylvania are required to take action to ensure that the amount of tax withheld is correct and that the tax is disbursed correctly according to the tax residency address. For a complete list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) go to Failure to complete key actions may result in Local Earned Income taxes being withheld inaccurately. The recourse for students who complete the requirements late or after employment has begun will be to file for a refund during the annual tax filing cycle (in April of the following year, for most people.) Students are strongly encouraged to comply when newly employed at Carnegie Mellon.

I-Pay Statement

In order to see a copy of your pay statement, payment records, and have the ability to update your contact information, email address and phone number you must register for I-Pay through Payroll Services.

If you have any questions about registering for I-pay, please contact payroll services at 268.2097 or send email to

International Students

International students should check with the foreign student advisor for school requirements and procedures governing the authorization of campus employment. For an explanation of on-campus employment options for students in F1 or J-1 student status, visit Student Affairs

International students must be enrolled for a full course of study and be making satisfactory academic progress. Students must be enrolled in the subsequent fall term in order to be employed during the summer.

Student employment for international students is limited to jobs on the Carnegie Mellon campus.  On campus is defined as work for Carnegie Mellon University. Hours are limited to 20 hours per week during periods of enrollment and 40.0 hours per week during periods of non-enrollment (such as summers and academic breaks.)

Social Security Number (SSN) for On-campus employment.

F-1 or J-1 students who have secured an on-campus job, but lack a SSN, will use OIE's Social Security Number Form / F-1 or J-1 Student On-campus Employment.pdf The hiring department will first sign the form to verify the employment AND then OIE will sign to verify immigration status.  The form is required in order to proceed with the SSN application process.

Getting Paid

Pay Rates

Students must be paid at least minimum wage ($7.25/hour as of 7/1/2009) for all jobs. There is no maximum hourly wage unless the job requires that the student have a work-study award in order to apply. For federal work-study and community service federal work-study jobs, the maximum rate per hour is $12.00 for undergraduates and $16.00 for graduate students. (Note: A graduate student federal work-study award can only be used by the student’s graduate department.) For state work-study jobs, the maximum pay rate per hour is $10.00 for both graduate and undergraduate students.


Students may work a total of 40.0 hours per week. International students with F1 or J1 visas are allowed by immigration regulations to work on-campus for up to 20 hours per week when school is in session and full time during Summer and Winter holidays. International students should consult the Office of International Education (Warner Hall, third floor, 412.268.5231) for detailed information about employment regulations.

Timesheets and Payroll

Academic Year 2013-2014 Bi-Weekly Pay Schedule [.pdf]

Timesheet [.pdf]

Payroll Services Website

Here you will find information regarding Payroll Services contact information, location and hours of operations and relevant payroll forms including direct deposit.


To contact Payroll please call 412.268.2097