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Experiential Learning

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What is Experiential Learning?

Experiential learning refers to “learning activities that involve the learner in the process of active engagement with and critical reflection about phenomena being studied.” At Carnegie Mellon, our goal is to offer experiential learning opportunities that will create conditions for academic, professional and personal success of each and every student.  One way that we do this is through the Student Employment On-campus Internship Program.

The Carnegie Mellon On-campus Internship Program

The On-campus Internship program provides students with experiential learning opportunities to explore their interests, develop skills, enhance their resume, and make money while working part-time on-campus.

Participants will be engaged in planned, educationally-related work that has intentional learning and development outcomes. All full-time undergraduate Carnegie Mellon students, regardless of work-study eligibility, can participate.

Opportunities found in TartanTrak.

Employers post campus internship in the Student Employment (campus jobs) section of TartanTrak. These campus internships are distinguished from other jobs in the Job Description section –“This Internship qualifies as an experiential learning position”.  Students apply directly to the contact through TartanTrak.

Hiring Process

The employer will interview and choose the intern to hire. What distinguishes a campus internship from a regular campus job is that once the student is hired both the student and the supervisor will state their goals and together identify their mutual goals for the internship experience. These goals will constitute the basis for evaluation and assessment of the experience.


On-Campus internships are conveniently located and provide students with opportunities for professional and personal development. These internships support academic and career goals and provide learning experiences that will open up future job and career possibilities for participants.  By engaging in intentional experiential learning, students can develop skills and competencies that will help them be successful in school, work and in life.

For questions about the Carnegie Mellon On-Campus Student Internship Program
contact Pati Kravetz, Director of Student Employment, at pk13@andrew.cmu.edu, or call 412-268-7052.