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Academic & Summer Employment

On-campus academic year and summer employment becomes effective for all students according to the both the University Official Calendar and Financial Services (Payroll) Calendar. Sometimes the dates in the Official Calendar for the student academic year and summer sessions are different from the Financial Services (Payroll) Calendar by one week. The student employment academic year/summer must coincide with the payroll bi-weekly pay cycle even when the Official calendar does not. As a result, the start and end date for both the academic year and summer employment dates may be different than those of the Official calendar. The exact hiring dates to use for student employees are indicated in the “Student Hiring Procedures” memo sent to you in the fall and summer. Please take note of this when planning your student hiring needs.

During the academic year, Carnegie Mellon participates in the federal work-study, state work-study and federal community service work-study programs. In the summer, only state work-study and federal community service work-study are available for eligible students. The amount the employer is charged varies with each program and period and, of course, the student’s eligibility.

Note: Carnegie Mellon University does not participate in the Federal Work-Study Program during the summer employment work period.