A Job Shadowing Program for Students-Career and Professional Development Center - Carnegie Mellon University

A Job Shadowing Program for Students

Take A Tartan To Work provides opportunities for undergraduate students to explore career fields by visiting a host professional at their business or organization for one day. During your spring break, alumni will offer job shadowing opportunities between March 4th and March 11th. To participate, you must apply online and submit a resume through TartanTRAK. Students will be matched based on their industry interest and geographic region. Sign up on TartanTRAK beginning Monday, February 8th.

Important Notes

  1. You may apply to a maximum of four opportunites.
  2. Expect to be matched with any opportunity that you apply for.
  3. Take note of the location of the company when you apply. Only apply if you have the ability to travel there during your Spring Break.

Registration will close on Sunday, February 21st.

If you are ready to sign up, login to TartanTRAK and select the "Jobs" tab. Hit the Advanced Search button and under the Show Me pull down, select Take a Tartan to Work- Job Shadowing Program.

Or, for more Information, visit Job Shadowing on our web page.