Attention Graduating Students!-Career and Professional Development Center - Carnegie Mellon University

Attention Graduating Students!

Thank you to all who have shared their post-CMU plans through the CPDC survey.  On Monday, those students whom we do not have a response from will receive a request to complete the Qualtrics survey.  The CPDC and CMU ask that you share your intended post-graduation plans with the CMU career office. What you intend to do - pursue further education, work full- or part-time, join a service program, initiate / continue an employment search, or other – is important information for the University to know.  Even if your plans are not solidified at this time, I ask that you share your current intended plans for life after CMU. This information is needed for many reasons, primarily the use of the aggregate data to complete reports for a variety of entities (rankings, government funding, admissions, etc.).

Thank you in advance for sharing and remember, the CPDC is here to assist all student and alumni throughout the semester and summer.

Kevin Monahan
Associate Dean, Student Affairs