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Resumes & Cover Letters

Resumes, cover letters/emails, networking emails, references, portfolios, etc. will likely form your first impression for potential recruiters and graduate schools.

To maximize your chances for success, we have created and compiled college-specific templates and resources, incorporating feedback from our recruiting partners as well as Carnegie Mellon faculty and staff.


The purpose of the resume is not to get a job, but to obtain an interview. It should be a clear and concise summary of qualifications that pertain to the position and should be limited to one page. The goal is to attract sufficient attention to create an interview opportunity.

Before you upload your resume to TartanTRAK or send it to a potential employer, take time to review and proofread it. It should be error-free and consistent in format, punctuation, and verb tense.

Assistance with Career Document Development and Review

We encourage you to have all of your career documents reviewed by your Career Consultant. Please login to TartanTRAK to schedule an appointment.

First-Year Sample Resume

If you are a first-year student and creating your first resume, please view the sample resume below.

For tips on how to improve your resume, please view Sample Resumes by College below.

Sample Resumes by College

Cover Letters and Career Documents

Sample Cover Letters & Emails by College