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Jobs & Internships

Finding a job or internship can be a complex process.  Here at the CPDC, we're here to assist you every step of the way.


The primary resouce for students and alumni to find jobs and internships is through TartanTRAK.  If you have never used TartanTRAK, don't worry. Logging in is easy and your credentials are updated automatically.  All you need to do is login and begin your search.

Career Steps

If you find that you're not quite ready to jump into the job search or you're unsure about where to begin, please schedule an appointment with your Career Consultant.  We're here to assit you! 

Below, please find some of the resources that we have made available for you, listed by some of the initial steps often involved in a job search.

Identify Organizations, Industries, and Career Paths of Interest

Create a Target List of Potential Employers

Develop & Implement Your Strategy

Helpful LInks

New internship funding for freshmen and sophomores! Click here to find out more.

CMU Summer Internship Experience Fund