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Graduate & Professional School

The decision about whether to attend graduate school and the ultimate application process are exciting steps in your professional development and your career consultant is happy to assist you.

There are several factors to consider as you begin thinking about going to graduate/professional school. These considerations and the entire application process can be discussed with your Career Consultant and your faculty advisor.

  • What is your area of specialization/focus?
  • What are your career goals?
  • Will you be going to graduate school directly after completing your undergraduate degree?

Applying to graduate/professional schools is much like the application process to get into undergraduate school. Here are the basic steps to follow:

  1. Research graduate schools
  2. Complete and submit graduate school applications
  3. Register for and take the GREs (or GMATs, MCATs, LSATs)
  4. Write your personal essay (statement of purpose)
  5. Obtain your recommendation letters
  6. Research scholarships, fellowships, grants and financial assistance
  7. Make your decision on where to attend

Not sure if graduate school is right for you?  Explore your options or seek advice from your Career Consultant.

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Looking for something to do between graduation from Carnegie Mellon and medical, dental, or graduate school?  Read about "Bridge Year Options" (.pdf)

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