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Graduate School: Submit School Applications

  • Most universities have on-line applications
  • Pay attention to application deadlines!!
    • Most applications deadlines fall between January and March (for enrollment in the fall).
    • For programs with rolling admissions, it is to your advantage to apply early and NOT wait until the last minute.
    • For fall enrollment to medical schools: deadlines can be as early as August for early decision programs, using the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) to late spring or summer for a few programs with rolling admissions.
    • Be sure to keep track of all deadlines and meet them.
  • Timing for completing applications: summer before senior year or early fall semester of senior year
  • Timing for applying: fall semester of senior year or with some institutions, early spring semester of senior year; pay attention to deadlines (for rolling admissions, the earlier the better)

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