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Career Connections Colloquium (C3)

The C3 is a forum of events offered each semester for CMU students and employers to connect in a variety of non-traditional ways. Through these programs, students get the opportunity to get information directly from the mouth of the employers. Employers can get on the radar of students and increase awareness of their company and its offerings across campus.  Check out the offerings for the Spring C3 below and make a connection!

C3 Events

Voices of Experience
Voices of Experience showcases working professionals talking to students about what it takes to succeed in their career.  Past topics have included Networking, Personal Presentation, Your First Six Months on the Job, and more.  This program provides a great venue for students to get some valuable advice, and also spotlights the employer's organization.

Office Hours
The Office Hours program is designed to expose students to potential opportunities at new-to-Carnegie Mellon organizations.  Representatives from each company would be available to meet with students on an informal basis to discuss internship and career opportunities.  Depending on availability, recruiters may also be able to meet with key faculty and staff while visiting campus.

Internships:  The Inside Scoop
This popular event is held each year during the fall semester.  Students learn about internship opportunities from other students who had previously worked as summer interns at various companies.  If you have hired Carnegie Mellon interns in the past and are interested in finding more candidates, Internships: The Inside Scoop is an effective marketing tool.  

A Day in the Life
‘A Day in the Life’ provides a forum for recent CMU alums to candidly discuss their jobs (responsibilities, corporate culture, likes/dislikes, etc.).  The program is designed primarily for students looking for information about ‘non-traditional’ jobs and careers.

Career Express
Typically held on the weekend prior to the fall job fairs, Career Express draws hundreds of participants each year.  The event is designed to give students an employer's perspective on the job search process--recruiters facilitate workshops covering typical topics such as interviewing and working a job fair.  There is also an opportunity for students to meet and talk with recruiters during a networking session at the end of the day.

‘Tag Team’ Workshops
If your organization is interested in presenting a career-related workshop on campus, the CPDC offers the option of co-presenting the event with a CPDC staff member.