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On-Campus Recruiting

Whether you want to interview for an internship, a summer job, a part-time job, or a full-time position, Carnegie Mellon's process is the same. On-campus recruiting at Carnegie Mellon is an on-going process that runs from September through April, Monday through Friday, excluding exams, breaks, and holidays. There is no fee for on-campus recruiting at Carnegie Mellon.  You will use TartanTrak to view and download student resumes, select students for interviews and manage the interview schedule. This system gives you full control of the recruiting process, as well as providing student access to your job opportunities.

Our on-campus recruiting calendar and academic calendar display important upcoming dates.  Once you know the date(s) you want to come to campus, the following four steps summarize the on-campus recruiting process:

  1. Request dates for information sessions and interviews:
    You can request dates for presentations and interviews through our TartanTrak system.  Just log in and choose "request new interview schedule" under shortcuts on your home page.  You will see on which dates we still have rooms available and can reserve the right number for you.
  2. Attach your job:
    Once you receive confirmation, you can return to TartanTrak to attach job descriptions.
  3. Preselect students:
    You'll receive an email when it's time to log back into TartanTrak and select the students you want to meet.  After your preselect deadline passes, they will be notified and will sign up right in the system.   
  4. Come to Carnegie Mellon!  Learn more about a typical day of recruiting at Carnegie Mellon.

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