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On-Campus Recruiting Calendar

Fall 2014

Aug 25 First day of Fall Semester classes
Sept 8
First day of Information Sessions / Company Presentations
Sept 12 Business Opportunities Conference (BOC):
A Business Networking and Recruiting Event
Sept 14
Career Express
Sept 15 Campus Engagement Day
Sept 15 - 17  

Technical Opportunities Conference (TOC):

(Any questions, please contact Kelly McQuoid, kmcquoid@andrew.cmu.edu)  

Sept 16 -17 Day After TOC Interviews

(Any questions, please contact Kelly McQuoid, kmcquoid@andrew.cmu.edu)
Sept 22 First Day of On-Campus Recruiting
Oct 7
Fall Employment Opportunities Conference (EOC)
Oct 8
Day After EOC Interviews
Oct 17 Mid Semester Break - No Recruiting
Oct 23 Spark: Startups and Emerging Companies
Nov 26-28 Holiday Break - No Recruiting
Dec 5
Last day of classes; Last Day of On-Campus Interviews 

Spring 2014 - Information Coming Soon