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Recruiting Without Visiting Campus

Want to recruit Carnegie Mellon students, but can't make it to Pittsburgh? 

You can post a job and review our resume books right on your computer.  You could even choose to do videoconference interviews so you can see your candidates.  To get started, review your options below, then log into TartanTrak to get started.

Posting a Job 
If you already have your job description, all you need to do is paste your information into our online form.   There is no fee to post a job or internship at Carnegie Mellon.  Once your request your account and are approved to use our system, log back in and click on "Create FREE Carnegie Mellon Job Posting" under the shortcuts.  Questions?  Contact Judy Ellgass at or 412-268-3994.

Phone/Video Interviews
We have the resources to facilitate a phone/video interview -- whether you plan to interview just one student, or want to schedule a whole day of interviews.  If travel restrictions are known ahead of time, employers should set a date at least one month in advance for video conferencing. If a scheduled recruiting visit is unexpectedly canceled, we can facilitate these options with a week of advance notice.  Please contact Judy Elgass at or 412-268-3994 if you'd like to consider this option.

Resume Books:
TartanTrak will allow you to search our students' resumes and create your own unique resume book each time you need one.  You can log into TartanTRAK and click on "resume book" on the top menu to get started.

There are also several pre-established resume books:

General Resume Book

Geographic Resume Book

Alumni Resume Book