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Information Sessions: What You Must Do

You've got to let students know that you want to talk to them! The best way to increase attendance at your information session is to email the students who submitted their resumes to your recruiting visit (if you have one) and invite them to your presentation. Before the event, send a reminder e-mail with the time and location. To do this, you can use TartanTRAK by going to the list of students and checking off the students you wish to email.

You can also search our resume books to target students with the backgrounds and interests you are seeking and send them an email inviting them to attend your session.  We have created a searchable resume book that contains resumes of all students who have chosen to let employers see their resumes. Log into TartanTRAK and click on "Resume Books" (6th item across top menu bar). Scroll down page and click on the resume book titled "General Resume Book" to open it. You will then see the entire list of students who have chosen to let employers see their resumes. Use the search criteria to find specific resumes in the book OR click on the grey tab titled "Advanced Resume Search". Click on "submit" or "apply search" (depending on which search screen you choose). A list of candidates that match will come up.   

Listed below are some of the steps that you should take in order to execute a successful information session.

Requesting a date

Receiving presentation materials ahead of time

Cancelling your session