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Information Sessions

Many organizations find that an open information session helps increase visibility on campus and provides a forum to discuss their organization's opportunities, structure, and culture. The most successful information sessions have been carefully planned after consideration of the organization’s desired outcome. For example, if the session is meant to make students aware of internship and full-time opportunities, it is therefore open to any interested students. 

If the information will be most beneficial to candidates who have already been identified for interviews, companies may consider making those criteria mandatory for attendance.  Taking the necessary time to reflect on your goals will assist you in achieving your desired outcomes.

Coordination of all Information Sessions is handled by our Conference and Event Services staff.  There is a $175.00 coordination fee for events with additional needs such as parking, food, internet access, audio-visual equipment, etc.  To reserve only a room, the fee is $50.00.   Carnegie Mellon Conference and Event Services will assist you to make your session a successful and smooth event.  

Scheduling Your Information Session

Information Sessions are typically held in academic buildings on campus. To get started with your reservation, please fill out the "Information Session Request Form" in TartanTRAK.  Once received, a member of the Conference and Event Services staff will contact you.

Shipping Your Materials

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All questions about Information Sessions should be directed to the Conference and Event Services team by emailing or calling 412-268-1125.