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Business Student Organizations

Undergraduate Consulting Club (UCC)

The UCC is dedicated to spreading the awareness of the consulting profession on the Carnegie Mellon campus and awareness of the talent of CMU students throughout the consulting community. They host annual case competitions, networking events, and Problem Solving Initiative Series (PSIS) workshops. Additionally, the UCC works on semester-long projects for real companies in the Pittsburgh area, thus allowing its members to get real experience.

Partnership Opportunities:

Information sessions, networking, and judging the annual case competition. (Spring 2012)

Pedro Kroeff,

Undergraduate Finance Association

The Undergraduate Finance Association’s mission is to prepare Carnegie Mellon students interested in finance with the tools and education needed for a successful career. Their goals include developing and maintaining a network of friends and alumni on Wall Street who can share their experiences with members at CMU, creating simulations and case competitions that allow students to prepare for real world scenarios, and hosting information sessions and speaking engagements on behalf of faculty, alumni, and companies.


Partnership Opportunities:
Networking and information sessions

Arjun Katragadda,

Undergraduate Investment Club

The mission of the UIC is to unite students interested in investment with outstanding educational and practical experience needed for a successful career. They help develop students’ interest in investment by providing extensive opportunities through events and workshops. The club participates in national competitions, and also holds an annual investment conference and stock competitions of its own on campus to prepare students for their future investment endeavors. In addition to competitions, UIC holds Investment Tutorials for anyone interested in learning about the fundamental strategies of investment.

Partnership Opportunities:
Speakers and judges for the annual stock pitch competition, and to provide networking opportunities

Tian Wu,