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Networking [.pdf] is the process of developing a collection of people you can call on for help with various aspects of your career development and job searches.

Your network should include people who are willing to give you information about their fields as well as feedback on your career development. Your network should also include people who may be in a position to tell you about job opportunities that are open either within their organization or elsewhere.

Your network includes professors, fellow students (who may have already done an internship at your target organization), staff on campus, friends, family, co-workers, alumni, people you volunteer with -- all those people with whom you have contact and who might be able to help you connect with an organization.  Be sure to let your entire network know you are in a job search -- you never know where the most fruitful connection will exist.

Using LinkedIn Career Success Guide [.pdf]

Don't forget to meet with your Career Consultant -- they want to help!

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