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Interview Prep

The Career and Professional Development Center provides a wide array of resources to help you better prepare for internship, employment, and graduate school interviews.

Mock (practice) interviews with company recruiters (available in both September and January) give you the best opportunity to receive first-hand, real-time feedback about your interview skills. In addition, our Career Consultants offer mock interviews throughout the year by appointment.

The Impress Mock Interview module allows you to practice your interview skills from the comfort of your residence hall or apartment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once you have completed your web-based interview, you can share the link with your Career Consultant and receive feedback on your performance.

In addition to the resources mentioned above, when preparing for your interviews we encourage you to consider the following four tips:

  1. Know the Organization and Know Yourself. Know what makes you stand out from other candidates, what the company does (products and services, key competitors, etc.) and why you are interested in working there (what makes them truly unique from their competitors).  PRACTICE so that you can answer in a confident and enthusiastic manner.
  2. Tell Your Story. Provide solid evidence of your strengths through inclusion of specific examples and anecdotes in your answers.
  3. Ask the Right Questions. Generally, recruiters reserve time at the end of each interview for your questions. Be sure to prepare in advance to show you have done your research on the organization, industry, and role. A lack of thoughtful questions usually signals to the recruiter a lack of preparedness and/or a lack of interest on your part.  
  4. Finish Strong. An effective end to an interview consists of shaking hands, thanking the recruiter for his or her time, summarizing relevant skills, and reaffirming your interest in the position.  Follow up your interview with a thank-you letter or e-mail within 24-48 hours.

For more detailed information on the interview process, attend a CPDC workshop or make an appointment with your Career Consultant.  In addition, we recommend the following resources: