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Career-related Classes for Credit at Carnegie Mellon

Listed below are classes related to career and professional development for which you can receive credit.  If you know of other classes that should be on this list, please contact Kevin O'Connell.

"StuCo: How to Get a Job"
Taught in Spring and Fall terms
Monday Nights
Open to all undergraduate and graduate students
Taught by Christopher Sparks

By the end of this course, you will have 15 complete job applications to 15 real jobs you want. Every week you will turn in one complete application for review and will receive back an application with edits. This class is for students, of any major, at any stage in their search who want an active, supportive approach to their job, internship, or fellowship search. This StuCo will cover how to find a job, write a resume and cover letter, interview, network, contact references, and negotiate for salary and benefits. With the support of professional career consultants, we will discuss how to plan a lifetime of fulfilling employment and support each other in our journeys to careers where we define our own visions of success.

"Visioning: What Should I Do With My Life?"
Taught in Spring Term
Thursdays, 6:30-8:20pm
Open to Juniors and Seniors only

Visioning one's life and career path is a subject of which many people are unaware on a conscious level - though they utilize career planning strategies on most days of their working lives. In this course you will become acquainted with the theory and strategy behind career planning. You will be taught a systematic approach to life-long career decision-making and be assisted in identifying and evaluating your interests, skills, values, and lifestyle preferences. It is important to relate all these concepts to your educational attainment and career planning.

"Artist as Entrepreneur"
Taught in Mini 1; first half of Fall Term
Mondays and Wednesdays, 12:30-1:20pm
Taught by Elaine Stolick

This course is designed for art students (including BHA, BSA, and BCSA) who wish to continue making, showing, and selling work after completing Carnegie Mellon studies.  The focus of this course is on helping students develop the skills and knowledge necessary to establish themselves as working professional artists.  Topics covered include entrepreneurial exercises; developing marketing materials, both text and graphic; getting the word out, including press releases; the "Business of Art," including creating a business plan overview, budgeting, pricing, tax exemptions for self-employed artists, insurance and legal considerations; and generating income, including grant writing.  View class syllabus from Fall 2010 for more information.

"Career Strategies for Musicians"
Taught in Mini 2; second half of Fall Term
Mondays and Wednesdays, 12:30-1:20pm
Taught by Elaine Stolick

This course will help students planning for life after music studies.  Topics covered include: entrepreneurship, creating promotional materials, both text-based and graphic; recording a CD; media relations; grant writing, creating a business plan and budget, residencies, negotiating, contracts and other legal issues, taxes, insurance, and music unions.  This course also includes the exploration of options including: teaching, freelancing, and other career possibilities.  View class syllabus from Fall 2010 for more information.