Alumni-Career and Professional Development Center - Carnegie Mellon University


The Career and Professional Development Center offers a variety of services for alumni. In addition to the specific services described below, alumni can use all of the resources available to current students.   

Career Advising

For career counseling, schedule an appointment online with your career consultant by logging in to TartanTRAK. If you are new to TartanTRAK, you will need to get a CMU alumni email account first on the CMU alumni website. If you have already had a TartanTRAK account in the past (even a student account) please contact Gerry Marnell to reinstate your account.

To schedule your appointment:

  1. Log into TartanTRAK and click "Request an Appointment" (Please make sure you have selected a primary major in your PROFILE)  
  2. Choose your counseling type (the primary reason for appointment)
  3. In the 'Counselor’ field you will see the career consultant for your major. Check the box beside your consultant's name
  4. Choose a date and time in the Calendar
  5. Be sure to click 'SUBMIT REQUEST' button to make the appointment

CMU Alumni Job Board on TartanTRAK

Once you have a TartanTRAK account, you can use it to apply for any jobs on TartanTRAK where employers are seeking Alumni candidates. Click here to view the CMU Alumni Job Board.

Document Management

Interfolio gives you a place to manage your most important documents online.  Your Interfolio account can house letters of recommendation, curriculum vitae, writing samples, transcripts, and much more. Once you sign up and upload your documents, the application process becomes as simple as telling Interfolio where you want to apply and when.  Interfolio does all the work.

Job Fairs / Networking Opportunities

Alumni are welcome and encouraged to attend all CPDC organized job fairs and networking events hosted by our office around the country. CMU Connect is a forum for alumni to expand their network and participate in professional development programming.

Resume Books

The Career and Professional Development Center has created a resume book within TartanTRAK just for experienced alumni.  Add your resume to this book to be available to employers who are looking for experienced alumni.  


All alumni are granted access to the TartanTRAK system to view job postings for alumni. 

Versatile PhD

Alumni who have their PhD and who are looking for career opportunities outside academia may use Versatile PhD tool by logging in to TartanTRAK (you will need to get a CMU alumni email account first on the CMU alumni website).

Giving Back - Job Shadowing and Informational Interviews with Students

The new CMU Alumni Career/Executive Coach Program

CMU alumni—all of whom work as executive, communications and/or career coaches will work with fellow alumni on a range of professional development topics.

new resource

Help current students by offering to become a mentor on the CMU Alumni LinkedIn group, sponsoring a student for the day through the new Take a Tartan to Work program, or posting jobs and internships in TartanTRAK.  

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