Discipline-Specific Service-Career and Professional Development Center - Carnegie Mellon University

Discipline-Specific Service


Personalized Attention
A system to initiate, confirm, and realize your career plans

Our career consultants are assigned to one college or set of majors (for those colleges with more than one consultant).  The career consultants provide discipline-specific career counseling to support the students and alumni of that discipline through the many aspects of their career and professional development. 

TartanGPS is a career navigation system for CMU undergraduate students.  Divided into three distinct Coordinates (Discover and Explore; Decide and Experience; Connect, Implement and Arrive), this system integrates learning from the classroom, work experience, and campus involvements with a student's natural abilities, interests and aspirations to operationalize their unique career vision.  TheTartanGPS program is designed to meet students where they are in their career development and prepare them to develop a career plan.  Upon completion, they will have both the tools and professional development skills to arrive at their chosen destination, whether it is a job, graduate school or other unique destination.  They should have developed the following minimum skills upon graduation from Carnegie Mellon:

  • Solid understanding of opportunities in their chosen career field
  • A polished resume and the skill to draft employment letters
  • Mock interview experience
  • Well-developed marketing speech
  • Knowledge of how to conduct a job search
  • Ability to begin building a professional network


It's no secret that Carnegie Mellon students are in high demand. Our office's unique college-focused model means that the CPDC staff is prepared like no other to match the needs of an organization with the right segment of our student body.  Each employer relations team member has a focus area and can help employers understand and navigate the various departments, majors and interdisciplinary programs within that area.  We can help recruiters develop strategies to target those academic areas that best match their needs, while keeping their recruiting efforts broad enough to attract students from all corners of our interdisciplinary and diverse student body.  We know that every employer has specific goals and we are equipped to personalize our service to each organization's recruiting style. 

  • Increase Visibility: volunteer to do mock interviews, sit on a panel at Career Express, or sponsor a networking event in your town
  • Meet our Students: Our facilities are available to facilitate an organization's efforts to meet our diverse student population right on our campus. Host an information session, attend a job fair, or book on-campus interviews.
  • Find Top Talent: TartanTRAK Hiring Solutions: our robust online system facilitates the exchange of information between students and potential employers through job postings, resume access, and job fair attendance.