From the Director-Career and Professional Development Center - Carnegie Mellon University

September 4th, 2012

Welcome to another great year at Carnegie Mellon University. In the last few years, our institution has seen significant increases in recruiting activities and post-graduation opportunities presented to you. To make the most out of these opportunities, I encourage you to take advantage of all recruiting events and professional development programs in the next few weeks. Below is a small selection of our offerings, but please consult our website for other scheduled events and workshops:

•    Resume Blitz - September 4-8
•    Career Express - September 9
•    Technical Opportunities Conference (TOC) - September 11-12
•    Business Opportunities Conference (BOC) - September 13
•    Employment Opportunities Conference (EOC) - October 11
•    SPARK (for Start-ups and Emerging Companies) - October 23

Professional success in today’s competitive environment depends on preperation, abilities, and presentation. It also depends on your ability to leverage your personal and professional network,  your full engagement with the resources available to you, and the brand you create and promote in your field of work. Your Career Consultant is available to help you learn and implement these strategies as well as explore, discuss, draft, and design your career plan. Don’t delay, come during our Drop-in Hours or schedule an appointment on TartanTRAK.

We wish you a successful new year at Carnegie Mellon University and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Farouk Dey


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