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Zofia- Donner

Junior, Biological Sciences
Hometown: Broomfield, CO

Hi, my name is Zofia and I am a Junior Biological Sciences Major with interests in biological anthropology and ecology. Outside of the career center, I run cross country and track for CMU and I’m originally from the Denver Boulder Metro Area of Colorado.  I’m excited to be coming back as a CPM for my second year in Donner!

What do you think makes CMU students unique to recruiters?

I think CMU students have a lot of passion in their fields of study and a lot of experience in how to get real things done through hard work and determination.

Favorite food? Baked good? Ice Cream?

Sweet Potatoes and Mango Salsa, My mom’s Cherry Almond Poppy-seed Scones, Mint Chocolate Chip

Who was your childhood hero? Why?

Bob Ross. I would just watch him paint and it would calm me down. Or LeVar Burton, the reading rainbow guy. They stand out in my childhood as glimmers of how adulthood should be.

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Career Peer Mentors (CPMs) are student employees at the Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC) who assist with many facets of the CPDC’s services.  Perhaps most apparently, CPMs work in the CPDC office during daily drop-in hours and are available to assist their peers with resume writing, their internship or job search, and using online career resources.