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Support the Randy Pausch Legacy FundRandy Pausch

Because of the overwhelming show of support for faculty member Randy Pausch and his work, the university has established the Randy Pausch Legacy Fund to help honor his legacy.


(From the Designation menu, choose Randy Pausch Legacy Fund.)

The Pausch Fund will enable the university to continue and complete Randy's work, including his most important academic project: the Alice 3D authoring system.

This newest version of Alice is nearing completion and is known as Alice V 3.0. It continues the tradition of providing the best possible first exposure to computer programming for students who are new to the field. Alice V 3.0 includes advanced teaching modules that lead to college-level programming, including algorithmic thinking and formal coding concepts. The software is designed to carry students progressively from a middle-school level all the way to a firm foundation in CS 1 (the first-year computer programming course).

We welcome your participation in keeping Randy's legacy strong.

For additional questions, please call 412.268.2021. For media inquiries, please call 412.268.9068 or 412.268.3830.