Spring 2004 Departmental Research Seminar-Department of Biological Sciences - Carnegie Mellon University

Spring 2004 Departmental Research Seminar

Seminars are held in the Conference Room of the Mellon Institute at
3:30 on Wednesdays unless otherwise indicated.





1/14 Partha Roy, Ph.D., Department of Bioengineering, University of Pittsburgh "Perturbation of actin-binding proteins in the study of cell migration" Lanni

Ziv Bar-Joseph, Dept. of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon

Science at the Interface:
"Computational discovery of gene modules and regulatory networks"
1/28 Phil LeDuc, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon "Linking mechanics to biochemistry in biology and medicine: exploring the science of molecular to cellular biomechanics with nanotechnology and computational biology" Urban
2/4 Michael Mancini, Baylor College of Medicine "Multiplex single cell analyses and transcription" Murphy
2/11 J. Richard Chaillet, M.D., Ph.D., Dept. of Molecular Genetics & Biochemistry,
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
"Molecular and genetic analysis of genomic Imprinting" Ahrens
*Special Seminar*
Pavel Pevzner, University of California,
San Diego
Merck Distinguished Seminar
"Transforming men into mice: lessons from human and mouse genomic sequences"
2/18 Dr. Nicholas Swindale, University of British Columbia "Coverage, polymaps and the visual cortex" Crowley
2/25 Doug Wallace, University of California, Irvine "Ancient origins, modern diseases; the mitochondrial connection" Jarvik
3/3 Bartlett Mel, USC Science at the Interface:
"Modeling pyramidal neurons: from McCulloch-Pitts to multi-layer networks"
3/10 Spring Break
3/17 David Deerfield, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, Carnegie Mellon "Viewing large to very large volumetric image datasets: application to the visible human, mouse, and worm" Ho
3/24 Yoshinaga Saeki, Harvard University "Development of HSV amplicon vector system: a versatile gene delivery tool for functional studies" Jarvik
*Special Seminar*
12:30 pm, MI Conference Room
Dr. Marc Kirschner, Harvard Medical School, Dickson Prize Winner "Control of actin nucleation" Jones
3/31 Dan Simons, Dept. of Neurobiology, University of Pittsburgh Medical School "Rodent whisker barrels: Windows into cerebral cortical function" Barth
Dr. Peter Kolodziej,Vanderbilt University "Actin nucleation and translational control coupled to the cytoskeleton direct repulsion at the midline" McCartney
4/14 Dr. Barbara Trask
Head, Human Biology Division, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
"The dynamics of segmental duplications containing human olfactory receptor genes" SISS-
Rajika Thakar
4/21 Norma Andrews, Yale University "Regulated exocytosis and membrane resealing: Why lysosomes?" Women In Science Seminar
*Special Seminar*
Location: MI Auditorium, 2nd floor
Robert M. Stroud, Professor of Biochemistry, Biophysics, & Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of California, San Francisco "Structure and selectivity of an ancient family of transmembrane channels: the aquaporins and others" Ho
4/28 Yong Wan, University of Pittsburgh "Role of proteolysis in the control of biological transition and tumor formation" Lee