Spring 2013 Departmental Research Seminar-Department of Biological Sciences - Carnegie Mellon University

Spring 2013 Departmental Research Seminar

Seminars are held in the Conference Room of the Mellon Institute at
3:30 p.m. on Wednesdays unless otherwise indicated.





1/16 Joel Kralj, Ph.D., Harvard University
Imaging Voltage in Electrically Excitable Cells
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MBIC Search Committee
(Tuesday @ Noon)
Joshua Vaughan, Ph.D., Harvard University
Super-resolution Fluorescence Microscopy at the Molecular Scale
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MBIC Search Committee
1/23 Matt Wachowiak, Ph.D., Department of Physiology and Brain Institute, University of Utah
All in a Sniff: Dissecting Olfactory System Function in the Context of Active Sensing
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Nathan Urban, Ph.D.
1/30 Fan Wang, Ph.D., Department of Cell Biology, Duke University

Brainstem Sensorimotor Circuits for Active Touch
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Alison Barth, Ph.D.
Garth Ehrlich, Ph.D., Drexel University, College of Medicine

Testing the Universality of the Distributed Genome Hypothesis among Bacterial Species: Development of a Core Genome-based Taxonomic Method
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N. Luisa Hiller, Ph.D.

Moriel Vandsburger, Ph.D., Weizmann Institute of Science Upon Closer Examination: Tailoring Magnetic Resonance Imaging Methods to Elucidate In Vivo Biological Phenomena
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Dave Zhang, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School
Nucleic Acid Molecular Engineering for Diagnostic Applications
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MBIC Search Committee
2/20 Elizabeth Rhoades, Ph.D., Yale University
Order from Disorder: Understanding the Role of Natively Unfolded Proteins in Neurodegeneration
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Adam Linstedt, Ph.D.
Vladislav Verkhusha, Ph.D., Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Engineering Fluorescent Proteins for Multiparameter Imaging
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The Margaret Ottie, MM'28 Undergraduate Lecture Series in Biological Sciences

Indira Raman, Ph.D.,  Northwestern University, Department of Neurobiology
Synchrony Coding in Cerebellar Circuits
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Aryn Gittis, Ph.D.
No Seminar due to Spring Break

Arjumand Ghazi, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
The Genetics of Aging and Reproduction in C. elegans
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Manojkumar Puthenveedu, Ph.D.
Allyson O'Donnell, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh Arrestin’ Developments: New Biological Functions for the α-arrestin Family of Trafficking Adaptors
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Tina Lee, Ph.D.
Thanos Tzonoupoulis, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
Mechanisms and Functions of Synaptic and Intrinsic Plasticity in Normal and Pathological Auditory Processing
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Alison Barth, Ph.D.
John Williams, Ph.D., Vollum Institute Acute Desensitization of Opioid Receptors
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Manojkumar Puthenveedu, Ph.D.
Sanford Simon, Ph.D., The Rockfeller University
Searching for the “Holey Grail” – the Mechanism of Transport Through the Nuclear Pore of Cells
How physics, chemistry and computational simulations are elucidating the mechanisms of biological machines.
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Marcel Bruchez, Ph.D.
Jianhua Cang, Ph.D., Northwestern University Critical Period Plasticity and Binocular Matching in the Mouse Visual Cortex
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Sandra Kuhlman, Ph.D.
Howard Shuman, Ph.D., University of Chicago
The Right Host can Make or Break the Visit of an Accidental Pathogen: Tales of Legionella
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Aaron Mitchell, Ph.D.