Fall 2006 Departmental Research Seminar-Department of Biological Sciences - Carnegie Mellon University

Fall 2006 Departmental Research Seminar

Seminars are held in the Conference Room of the Mellon Institute at
12:30 on Wednesdays unless otherwise indicated.





Aug. 30 John Chinn, Darlene Kapcin, Mark Banister Departmental Compliance and Safety Presentation  
Sept. 6 Amy Burkert, Ph.D. "Preparing for your senior year"  
Sept. 13 Mark Chance, Ph.D., Case Center for Proteomics and Mass Spectroscopy, Case Western Reserve University

“Structural and cellular proteomics in the post-genomic era"

Sept. 20 Sanford Leuba, Ph.D., Department of Cell Biology and Physiology,
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
"Dynamics of nucleosomes and molecular motors" Lanni
Sept. 27 Jesse C. Hay, Ph.D., The University of Montana "SNARE status regulates tether recruitment and function in homotypic COPII vesicle fusion" Linstedt
Oct. 4 Pavel Osten, Ph.D., Northwestern University "Application of viral vectors to the study of neuronal functions in vivo" Urban
Oct. 18 Federica Brandizzi, Michigan State University "Towards a dynamic analysis of protein trafficking in the plant early secretory pathway" Murphy
Oct. 25 Frank Kozielski, Ph.D., Institut de Biologie Structurale, Laboratoire des Moteurs Moléculaires (LMM)

"Structural studies on monomeric and dimeric kinesins"

Nov. 1 Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, Ph.D.,
Cell Biology and Metabolism Branch
"Emerging fluorescence technologies for the analysis of protein localization and organelle dynamics" Lanni
Nov. 8 Elizabeth Quinlan, Ph.D., University of Maryland "How critical is the critical period?
Reversible regulation of the mammalian visual system throughout development"
Nov. 15 Ricardo Dolmetsch, Ph.D., Stanford University School of Medicine "Calcium channels as transcription factors: calcium signaling and homeostasis in neurons" Crowley
Nov. 22 NO SEMINAR - Thanksgiving Holiday    
Nov. 29 Kris Noel Dahl, Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University "Interrelations of organization, ultrastructure and mechanics of the nuclear lamina and changes during stem cell differentiation and aging" Linstedt
Dec. 6 Michael Palladino, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh Medical Center   Lopez