Spring 2007 Journal Club (Graduate Research Seminar)-Department of Biological Sciences - Carnegie Mellon University

Spring 2007 Journal Club

(Graduate Research Seminar)

Journal club is held in the Conference Room of the Mellon Institute at 12:30 p.m. on Wednesdays unless otherwise indicated.




Jan. 24 Lan Tang "Assembly of a neighborhood in nascent ribosomes"
*12:30 p.m.* Tim Feinstein "A protein that Golgi stacks clasp"
Jan. 31 Roger Clem "Probing the role of prior experience in synaptic plasticity"
  Charles Ettensohn "The hole picture: how endothelial cells form tubes"
Feb. 7 Vikrant Kapoor "Glomerulus-specific, long-latency activity in the olfactory bulb granule cell network"
  Jonathan Minden “Centrosomes? We don’t need no stinking centrosomes”
Feb. 19
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Feb. 21 Rotation Reports  
Feb. 28 Rebecca Webb "APC2 and Diaphanous function together to organize actin in the Drosophila syncytial embryo"
  Jim Burnette "Telling time by seeing blue"
Doyle SE, Castrucci AM, McCall M, Provencio I, Menaker M. Nonvisual light responses in the Rpe65 knockout mouse: rod loss restores sensitivity to the melanopsin system. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006 Jul 5;103(27):10432-7. Epub 2006 Jun 20.
March 7 Kaustubh Sinha "NMR studies of hGSTA1-1 and hGSTA4-4"
  John Woolford "An important question I never answered keeps reappearing"
Haarer,Viggiano,Hibbs,Troyanskaya,and Amberg (2007). Modeling complex genetic interactions in a simple eukaryotic genome: actin displays a rich spectrum of complex haploinsufficiencies. Genes and Development 21:148-159.
March 14 Spring Break
March 21 Maureen Stolzer "Two's company, but three's irreconcilable?"
  Tina Lee "Clip BiP and save a trip"
AB5 subtilase cytotoxin inactives the ER chaperone BiP, Nature, 2006, Vol 443, p.548-52.
March 28 Panagiotis Papasaikas "Intronic signals: mapping the uncharted territory"
April 4 Debrup Sengupta "How do we form Golgi ribbons?"
  Veronica Hinman "The eyes have it: system -level analysis and evolution of the phototransduction network in Drosophila"
PNAS Feb 2007 104: 3283-3288
April 11 Brett Benedetti "Doing more with less: experience-dependent plasticity in barrel cortex"
April 18 Sonal Shruti "Four Slobs and a Slowpoke: Seizure-induced gain-of-function in large conductance potassium channels"
  Mengning Zhou "Actin and APC2: on the way to a protein complex"
April 25 Tamara Berdyyeva "Neuronal Activity in Monkey Frontal Cortex During Performance of Serial Order Tasks"
  Javier López "...and fleas have smaller fleas that bite them: The snoRNA HBII-52 regulates alternative splicing of serotonin receptor 2C"
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