Spring 2006 Journal Club (Graduate Research Seminar)-Department of Biological Sciences - Carnegie Mellon University

Spring 2006 Journal Club

(Graduate Research Seminar)

Journal club is held in the Conference Room of the Mellon Institute at
3:30 on Wednesdays unless otherwise indicated.




Jan. 18 Timothy Feinstein "MEK makes mitosis meatie"
  Mangala Srinivas "Tracking autoimmune T cells in prediabetic mice in vivo using MRI"
Jan. 25   No Journal Club
Feb. 1 Juchang Hua "PSLID - protein subcellular location image database"
  Yanhua Hu "Automated interpretation of protein subcellular location in fluorescence time series images using temporal texture features"
Feb. 8 Parul Nisha "The chromatin language of modification vs. remodeling"
  Arun Krishnaswamy "A random forest approach to chemical shift prediction"
Feb. 15 Rotation Reports 1. "Optical imaging of orientation domains in ferret V1"
Cory Flynn, Advisor: Justin Crowley

2. "Centrosome morphology in the Drosophila syncytial embryo"
Christopher Fried, Advisor: Brooke McCartney

3. "In-vivo two photon imaging - correction of motion artifacts"
Bistra Iordanova, Advisor: Justin Crowley

4. "Development of a protein phosphatase assay on tissue from
hippocampal area CA1"
Ken Hovis, Advisor: Edda Thiels (University of Pittsburgh)

5. "Membrane properties of a novel voltage sensitive dye"
Deepak Kadayakkara, Advisor: Fred Lanni

6. "Fluorescent peptide nucleic acid probe for RNA lariat visualization"
Shu-Ying Kwan, Advisor: Bruce Armitage

7. "Ventral furrow formation and end on embryo imaging"
Melissa Witzberger, Advisor: Jonathan Minden

Feb. 17
Rotation Reports 1. "Finding maternal Wnt"
Michael Chen, Advisor: Charles Ettensohn

2. "Rational approach to stable quantum dot phospholipid micelles"
Marguerite Matthews, Advisor: Alan Waggoner

3. "Stability of mini PEG substituted peptide nucleic acids in guanidine quadruplexes and complementary duplexes with DNA targets"
Connor Murphy, Advisor: Bruce Armitage

4. "The role of p97/p47 in the secretory pathway"
Nina Senutovich, Advisor: Tina Lee

5. "Role of p37/p97 in the secretory pathway"
Tara Sharma, Advisor: Tina Lee

6."Matrix revolution"
Maureen Stolzer, Advisor: Russell Schwartz

7. "Activity-dependent changes in alpha-1D expression"
Kristen Yankura, Advisor: Alison Barth

Feb. 22 Nan Song "Do domain architectures determine protein families?"
  John Woolford "To die, to sleep, to reawaken....exactly where inside of cells might siRNAs or microRNAs silence gene expression...or reactivate sleeping mRNAs?"
March 8 Robert Murphy "Bioimaging informatics infrastructure"
  Frederick Lanni "Natural electronics"
March 15   Spring Break - No Journal Club
March 22 Anupam Goyal "The regulation of ventral furrow formation by cofilin, an actin-depolymerizing factor (ADF)"
  Lan Tang "It takes three to tango"
March 29 Javier López  
  David Hackney "You know you gotta make up your mind - to say yes to one and leave the others behind"

A change in the selective translocation of the kinesin-1 motor domain marks the initial specification of the axon. Jacobson, et al. Neuron, March
16, vol. 95, 797-804 (2006)

April 19 Narayan Raghupathy "Aaah!"
  Justin Crowley  
April 26 Brooke McCartney "Yes, 1000 reviews can be wrong: a new view of the adherens junction"
  Tina Lee
"Cutting the ties that bind"

Adam meets Ehp: An ADAM substrate recognition module acts as a molecular switch for Ehprin cleavage in trans. Janes et al, Cell 2005, 123, 291-304.

May 5
(MI Auditorium)
Rotation Reports "Non-binary tree reconciliation"
1. Maureen Stolzer

"Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy: applications in molecular interactions."
2. Connor Murphy

"Neuronal differentiation of stem cells"
3. Bistra Iordanova

"Activity-dependant changes in AMPA receptor trafficking in layer 2/3 pyramidal cells"
4. Ken Hovis

"Identification of new components of the PMC gene regulatory network"
5. Chris Fried

"Fluorescent RAPD analysis of lariats"
6. Tara Sharma

"Single-molecule analysis of splicing - Effect of PNA probes on splice site choice"
7. Shu Ying Kwan

May 12
(MI Auditorium)
Rotation Reports "Thalamocortical cell characterization in the rat barrel system""
1. Corey Flynn, Advisor: Dan Simons, University of Pittsburgh

"Kinase biosensors: protein engineering of single chain antibodies"
2. Nina Senutovich, Advisors: Peter Berget and Alan Waggoner

"Measuring reponses to stimuli with aversive and appetitive outcome"
3. Marguerite Matthews, Advisor: Bita Moghaddam, University of Pittsburgh

"Electroporation for efficient delivery of nanoparticles into cells"
4. Deepak Kana Kadayakkara, Advisor: Eric Ahrens

"Effects of COPII vesicle assembly on the ER network"
5. Michael Chen

"Understanding the role of Pros35 in ventral furrow formation"
6. Kristen Yankura, Advisor: Jon Minden

"Exploring eye-specific circuitry in the visual system"
7. Melissa Witzberger, Advisor: Justin Crowley