Spring 2012 Journal Club (Graduate Research Seminar)-Department of Biological Sciences - Carnegie Mellon University

Spring 2012 Journal Club

(Graduate Research Seminar)

Journal club is held in the Conference Room of the Mellon Institute at 12:30 p.m. on Wednesdays unless otherwise indicated.




1/25 Alys Cheatle
Subtle Changes in DNA Binding Preference May Explain Drastic Rewiring of Tbr Target Genes during Echinoderm Evolution

Jineta Banerjee Different Rules of Circuit Refinement in Different Parts of the Mouse Lateral Superior Olive
2/1 Cas Priddy
Mammalian Golgi Positioning and the Dynein Motor

Fred Lanni, Ph.D.
When Push Comes to Shove
2/8 Paul Barton
Developing a Novel Lipocalin-based FAP

Michael Gamalinda
Ribosomal Proteins: Step-by-step Choreographers of Ribosome Assembly
12 - 2 p.m.
Rotation 2 Presentations

Philip Davidson
Rewiring the Sporulation Initiation Pathway
Advisor: Durand

Adam Foote
The Role of Argonaute Proteins in S. Purpuratus Embryonic Patterning
Advisor: Hinman

Tara Tappen
Echinoderm Argonaute Expression Throughout Development and Movement Towards the HITS-CLIP Protocol
Advisor: Hinman

Stacie Oliver
Who’s the Boss? Investigating APC2 and Organization of the Germline Stem Cell Niche in Drosophila Ovaries
Advisor: McCartney

Ardon Shorr
Elementary, my Dear Watson (& Crick)
Advisor: Ettensohn

Christopher Pratt
Developing Biosensors for the Visualization of Synaptic Activity
Advisor: Bruchez

Daniel Shiwarski
Billion Fold Concentration Range Detection using Structure Illumination Gel Imager (SIGI) for 2D-DIGE Proteomic Analysis
Advisor: Minden

Tanvi Shashikant
Spatial Control of Stem Cell Differentiation using BMP-2 Printed DermaMatrix
Advisor: Campbell

Pieter Spealman
The Gearbox of Creation: Translational Regulation
Advisor: McManus

Beril Kumcuoglu
Cargo Specific Regulation of Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis
Advisor: Puthenveedu

Joel McManus, Ph.D. Global Analysis of Gene Regulatory Networks with High-throughput Sequencing and Bioinformatics

Ezgi Kunttas-Tatli The APC2 Compass: Phosphorylation as a Mechanism to Guide APC2
Andrew Kehr
RNA Editing: Structural and Biochemical Characterization of hADARs

Bob Murphy, Ph.D.
Image-derived Generative Models of Cell Organization
Joanna Urban-Ciecko, Ph.D.
Suppression of BK Channel Current by the Trafficking Molecule beta 4

Deb Makin
Subcellular mRNA Localization in Drosophila
3/14 Spring Break - No Journal Club
3/21 Santosh Chandrasekaran Exploring the Role of Intrinsic Biophysical Diversity in Coding of Information in the Cortex
Suchitra Ramachandran Characterizing Visual Statistical Learning in Macaque Inferotemporal Cortex
3/28 Stephanie Hughes Identification and Comparison of Early and Late Otx Targets in Sea Urchins and Sea Stars
4/4 Simran Saini
The Mechanism for Atlastin Mediated ER Membrane Fusion

Greg Smith
Translating Bulk Measures of Viral Capsid Assembly Progress into Insights on Fine-scale Kinetics and Pathways
4/11 Amanda Soohoo
How the Mu-Opioid Receptor Regulates its Own Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis

Ritika Tewari
Insight into the Mechanism of Manganese-Induced Trafficking of Cis-Golgi Protein GPP130
4/18 Idil Ulengin
Does Spastin ATPase have a Role in ER Network Formation

Mark Macbeth, Ph.D.
It Dices! It Slices! The structural basis for RNA Interference
4/25 Phu Van
There's no Free Lunch: High Dynamic Range Protein Detection with SIGI

Rachel Vistein
Beta-2 Adrenergic Receptor Recycling Switches from Constitutive to Actin Dependent with PKA Phosphorylation
5/2 Mingrui Zhang
Development of Fluoromodule-based Reporters of Physiological Parameters

Jon Minden, Ph.D.
5/10 (4 p.m.)
Rotation 3 Presentations

Ardon Shorr
Building Nature's Oldest Machine
Advisor: Woolford

Tara Tappen
The Role of Nop12 in Ribosomal Processing and Assembly
Advisor: Woolford

Beril Kumcuoglu
The Role of TRAMP4 Complex in Turnover of Aberrant Pre-ribosomes
Advisor: Woolford

Christopher Pratt
Dissecting the Destructosome: The Directors of APC2 Incorporation
Advisor: McCartney

Daniel Shiwarski
Advisor: McCartney

Adam Foote
Optimizing 2D Electrophoresis Gels For Increased Protein Detection
Advisor: Minden

Tanvi Shashikant
The Interaction Between Mu-opioid Receptor and Dynamin and its Role in Mediating Receptor Endocytosis
Advisor: Puthenveedu

Pieter Spealman
GPCR and Glut4 Interactions
Advisor: Jarvik

Stacie Oliver
The miRNA Pathway Modulates Anterior/Posterior and Dorsal/Ventral Patterning in the Sea Urchin Embryo
Advisor: Hinman

Philip Davidson
Predicting the Evolution of Interaction
Advisor: Durand