Fall 2008 Journal Club (Graduate Research Seminar)-Department of Biological Sciences - Carnegie Mellon University

Fall 2008 Journal Club

(Graduate Research Seminar)

Journal club is held in the Conference Room of the Mellon Institute at 12:30 p.m. on Wednesdays unless otherwise indicated.




8/27 Emily Furbee Cell Tipping: The Control of Cell Flattening and Junctional Remodeling during Squamous Epithelial Morphogenesis in Drosophila
  Jelena Janjic In vivo Imaging of Cell-cell Interaction in Cancer and Inflammation
9/3 Annual Stupakoff Retreat Week
9/10 Ashrifia Gogo Influential Alleles - RNA Induction and Inheritance of Epigenetic Cardiac Hypertrophy in the Mouse
9/17 Anmol Grover Following Translation by Single Ribosomes One Codon at a Time
  Jesse Sheehan Internally Generated Reactivation of Single Neurons in Human Hippocampus During Free Recall
9/24 Timothy Jarvela STING & The Innate Immune Response
  Merissa Remus Basolateral Amygdala Neurons Facilitate Reward-Seeking Behavior by Exciting Nucleus Accumbens Neurons
10/1 Megha Kapur The Cytosolic Quality Control Machinery Differentially Sequesters Soluble Misfolded Conformations and Terminally Aggregated Proteins
  Kiran Rafiq Deep Inside the Drosophila Gonad
10/8 Mohammad Qureshi Sparse Optical Microstimulation in Cortex Drives Learned Behaviour in Freely Moving Mice
  Jason Talkish Exporting mRNA Out of the Nucleus and into Translation
10/15 David Whitney Reconstructing Neuronal Circuits in Adult Visual Cortex
  David Hackney Are Microtubules in Dendrites Really of Mixed Polarity?
10/22 Corey Flynn Differential Proteomics on Developing Visual System Sub-structures
  Deepak Kana Kadayakkara Fluorine-19 MRI for Cell Function
10/29 Michael Chen Functional Analysis of a Non-Exonic Recursive Splice Site
  Shu Ying Kwan In vivo Imaging of Construct Degradation and Angiogenesis
11/5 Bistra Iordanova Novel Ferritin Chimera as a Second Generation MRI Reporter
  Connor Murphy PNA Selectivity for Different G-quadruplexes Based on Binding Kinetics 
11/12 Kaitlyn Dykstra Filling the CRACs in the sySTIM: Insights into the Molecular Basis of CRAC Channel Activation by STIM1
  Justin Crowley Teaching Them to See it Your Way: Training Neurons to Respond to Moving Stimuli
Rotation 1 Talks

Jineta Banerjee, Advisor: Brooke McCartney
An Insight into Tissue Morphogenesis: Imaginal Discs Show The Way

Santosh Chandrasekaran, Advisor: John Woolford
Ribosome Assembly Factors: When? and Where?

Alys Cheatle, Advisor: Veronica Hinman
Determining the Functional Equivalence of Starfish and Sea Urchin HesC Orthologs

Mark DeBlois, Advisor: Chuck Ettensohn
Gene Regulatory Networks and Developmental Plasticity in the Sea Urchin Embryo

Cassandra Priddy, Advisor: Tina Lee
Resident ER: Yop1

Jonathan Raso, Advisor: Justin Crowley
Visual Circuitry Formation in the LGN:  A Proteomics Approach

Yang Yang, Advisor: Adam Linstedt
Functional Analysis of p115/Rab1b Interaction in Golgi-ER Transport Pathway

11/26 Thanksgiving  
12/3 Nina Senutovitch Fluorogen Activation Mechanisms and Characterization of scFv Based Fluoromodules (FAP’s)
  Tara Sharma Gene Regulatory Networks And Cell Fate Specification In The Sea Urchin Embryo