Fall 2006 Journal Club (Graduate Research Seminar)-Department of Biological Sciences - Carnegie Mellon University

Fall 2006 Journal Club

(Graduate Research Seminar)

Journal club is held in the Conference Room of the Mellon Institute at
3:30 on Wednesdays unless otherwise indicated.




Sept. 13 Michael Chen "Another way to build a fence"

Vagin et al (July 2006). A Distinct Small RNA Pathway Silences Selfish Genetic Elements in the Germline. Science 313:320

Adam Linstedt "Rules of disengagement (If only it was this simple in Iraq)"

Tsou & Stearns (Aug2006). Mechanism limiting centrosome duplication to once per cell cycle. Nature 442:947.

Sept. 20 Corey Flynn "How do you build a pinwheel?"

Highly ordered arrangement of single neurons in orientation pinwheels.²
by Ohki et al out of Clay Reid's lab

  Chris Fried "When good actin goes bad"

Requirement for Coronin 1 in T Lymphocyte Trafficking and Cellular Homeostasis. Science, Vol. 313, 11 August 2006, pp. 839-842.

Sept. 27 Ken Hovis "TAARgeting A New Dimension of Olfaction"

A second class of chemosensory receptors in the olfactory epithelium.
Nature. 2006 Aug 10;442(7103):645-50. Epub 2006 Jul 30.
Liberles SD, Buck LB.

  Nathan Urban "Choices, choices"...

"Interchromosomal Interactions and Olfactory Receptor Choice" Cell, Vol 126, 403-413, 28 July 2006 Stavros Lomvardas,1 Gilad Barnea,1 David J. Pisapia,1 Monica Mendelsohn,1
Jennifer Kirkland,1 and Richard Axel

Oct. 11 Bistra Iordanova "The life of cells in living animals"

"Metabolic biotinylation of cell surface receptors for in vivo imaging"
Tannous et al. Nature Methods. 2006 May;3(5):391-6.

Bruce Armitage "Better living through chemistry"

"Small-molecular activation of procaspase-3 to caspase-3 as a personalized anticancer strategy" Putt, KS et al Nature Chemical Biology 2006, 2(10), 543-550.

Oct. 18 Shu Ying Kwan "Cell posturepedics: What's your cell's sleep number?"
Deepak Kana Kadayakkara "on the memory TRAIL..."

The generation of protective memory-like CD8+ T cells during homeostatic proliferation requires CD4+ T cells. Hamilton SE et al. Nat Immunol. 2006 May;7(5):475-81. Epub 2006 Apr 9.

Oct. 25 Connor Murphy "MAXimum security"

Anke Kiessling, Bianca Sperl, Angela Hollis, Dirk Eick, and Thorsten Berg. Selective Inhibition of c-Myc/Max Dimerization and DNA Binding by Small Molecules. Chemistry & Biology 13, 745–751, July 2006.

  Eric Ahrens "Metal-head songbirds and neuronal plasticity"

Van Meir et al. In vivo MR imaging of the seasonal volumetric and
functional plasticity of song control nuclei in relation to song output in
a female songbird Neuroimage, 31 (3): 981-992, 2006

Nov. 1 Nina Senutovitch "The big kizuna"
  Alison Barth "Organ-specific gene evolution and divergence in chimp-human lineages"
Nov. 8 Tara Sharma "Canonical Wnt signaling: an unexpected new player"

The role of microtubule actin cross-linking factor 1 (MACF1) in the Wnt signaling pathway Hui-Jye Chen, Chung-Ming Lin, Chyuan-Sheng Lin, Raul Perez-Olle, Conrad L. Leung and Ronald K.H. Lie 2006; Genes & Dev.

  Fred Lanni "Actin - arrgh!"
Nov. 15 Melissa Witzberger "Rok on!"

Hickson, J.R.X. et al. 2006. Rho kinase controls cell shape changes during cytokinesis. Current Biology 16: 359-370.

  Kristen Yankura REGΓ-ulating stability of SRC-3: a role for the proteasome in cell growth

Li,X. et al. 2006. The SRC-3/AIB1 coactivator is degraded in a ubiquitin-and ATP-independent manner by the REGΓ proteasome. Cell 124:381-392

Nov. 29
(3:30 - 5pm)
Rotation Reports 1. Margarida Anjos, Advisor: Charles Ettensohn

2. Shantanu Bhattacharyya, Advisor: Gordon Rule

3. Dara Brown, Advisor: Justin Crowley

4. Sarah Capek, Advisor: Peter Berget

5. Saksham Chandra, Advisor: Nathan Urban

6. Saketh Chemuru Muni, Advisor: Peter Berget

7. Shantanu Ganguly, Advisor: Alison Barth

8. John Holleran, Advisor: Jon Jarvik

9. Elmer Ker, Advisor: Charles Ettensohn

Dec. 1
Rotation Reports 1. Nicole Marthaler, Advisor: Alison Barth

2. Brenna McCauley, Advisor: John Woolford

3. Parker Mills, Advisor: Robert Murphy

4. Jeanne Morin-Leisk, Advisor: Adam Linstedt

5. Kalin Vasilev, Advisor: Alam Waggoner

6. Jing Wen, Advisor: Eric Ahrens

7. Smita Yadav, Advisor: Russell Schwartz

8. Qi Yan, Advisor: Eric Ahrens

9. Bradley Yates, Advisor: Jon Jarvik

Dec. 6 Anupam Goyal  
  Justin Crowley