Fall 2005 Journal Club (Graduate Research Seminar)-Department of Biological Sciences - Carnegie Mellon University

Fall 2005 Journal Club

(Graduate Research Seminar)

Journal club is held in the Conference Room of the Mellon Institute at
3:30 on Wednesdays unless otherwise indicated.




Sept. 7 Brett Benedetti "Great taste! Less filling! OR: The bitter sweet circuitry that's life"

Sugita M, Shiba Y. Genetic tracing shows segregation of taste neuronal circuitries for bitter and sweet. Science. 2005 Jul 29; 309(5735):781-5.

  Alan Waggoner "Fluorescent proteins as sensors"
Sept. 14 Rebecca Bollinger "Gumming up the works"

Besemer, J, Harant, H, et al. Selective inhibition of cotranslational translocation of vascular cell adhesion molecule 1. Nature. 2005 July 14; 436, 290-293.

  Nathan Urban "Do you see what I smell?"

Bhandawat V, Reisert J, Yau, KW. Abstract elementary response of olfactory receptor neurons to odorants. Science. 2005 Jun 24; 308(5730):1931-4.

Sept. 21 Panagiotis Papasaikas "Law and order in pre-mRNA processing"

Ibrahim et. al, 2005. Serine/Arginine rich protein dependent suppression of exon skipping by exonic splicing enhancers. PNAS vol.102 n.14 pp 5002-07.

Xiang et. al, 2005. Exonic inclusion is dependent on predictable exonic splicing enhancers. Mol. and Cell Biology vol.25 n.16 pp 7323-32.

  Robert Murphy "Protein atlas: shrug?"

Uhlen M et. al. (2005) A human protein atlas for normal and
cancer tissues based on antibody proteomics. Mol Cell Proteomics in press.

Sept. 28 Aarti Sahasranaman "tRNA transport comes full circle"

Shaheen HH and Hopper AK. Retrograde movement of tRNAs from cytoplasm to nucleus in Saccharomyces cerevisiae (2005) PNAS: 102, 11290- 11295.

  Peter Berget "Sweet-tooth or sabertooth, one or the other"

Li X, Li W, Wang H, Cao J, Maehashi K, Huang L, Bachmanov AA, Reed DR, Legrand-Defretin V, Beauchamp GK, Brand JG. PLoS Genet. Pseudogenization of a sweet-receptor gene accounts for cats' indifference toward sugar. 2005 Jul; 1(1):e3. Epub 2005 Jul 25.

Oct. 5 Debrup Sengupta "Recycling makes a difference"

Emery G.,et al. Asymmetric Rab11 Endosomes regulate Delta
recycling and specify cell fate in the Drosophila Nervous System. Cell, Vol
122, 1-11 2005.

  Frederick Lanni "Steady as she goes"

Pankov, et al ('05). A Rac switch regulates random versus
directionally persistent cell migration. J. Cell Biol. 170: 793-802.

Oct. 12 Sonal Shruti "Can these LINEs change your mind?"

Muotri AR, Chu VT, Marchetto MC, Deng W, Moran JV, Gage FH. Somatic mosaicism in neuronal precursor cells mediated by L1 retrotransposition. Nature. 2005 Jun 16;435(7044):903-10.

  Russell Schwartz "Hold 'em or fold 'em?"

P. Bradley, K. M. S. Misura, and D. Baker. Toward high-resolution de novo structure prediction for small proteins (2005) Science 309: 1868-1871.

Oct. 19 Mengning Zhou "piggyBac"ing on the shoulders of giants"

Ding S, Wu X, Li G, Han M, Zhuang Y, Xu T. Efficient Transposition of the piggyBac (PB) Tranposon in Mammalian Cells and Mice. Cell 2005 August 12; 122: 473-83.

  Alison Barth "Size matters: Continuing evolution of the human brain"

Science, Vol 309, Issue 5741, 1717-1720 , 9 September 2005.

Oct. 26 Krishnan Padmanabhan "Love, lust, creation, destruction and the rather curious story of the developing brain"
  Yusong Guo "A cargo-dependent variable coat assembly mechanism controls organelle homeostasis"
Nov. 2 Kaustubh Sinha "NMR studies of the alpha-class glutathione transferases: A1-1 and A4-4"
  Tamara Berdyyeva "Neuronal activity in monkey frontal cortex during performance of serial order tasks"
Nov. 9 Jingyu Zhang "Recruitment of a ribonucleoprotein particle containing 5S rRNA into pre-ribosomes"
  Bruce Armitage "Oil and water don't mix. When life gives you lemons..."
Nov. 16 Tiequan Zhang "Investigation of virus capsid self-assembly kinetics using a discrete event simulator"
  Sandra Zimmerman "The flawed wing: genetic mosaics reveal the effects of APC mutants"
Nov. 30
(3:30 - 5)
Rotation Reports 1. "Step right up, guess the scent, win a neuron"
Corey Flynn, Advisor: Nathan Urban

2. "Recursive splicing regulation: the first step"
Michael Chen, Advisor: Javier Lopez

3. "Experimenting with a new photoactivatable caging compound"
Christopher Fried, Advisor: Fred Lanni

4. "MRI imaging of transgene expression"
Bistra Iordanova, Advisor: Eric Ahrens

5. "Analysis of accessory olfactory bulb circuitry"
Ken Hovis, Advisor: Nathan Urban

6. Deepak Kadayakkara, Advisor: Alison Barth

7. "Evaluation of quantum dot tracers for neuronal labeling"
Marguerite Matthews, Advisor: Justin Crowley

Dec. 2
Rotation Reports 1. Shu-Ying Kwan, Advisor: Phil Campbell

2. "RNA arbitrarily primed PCR (RAP-PCR) to demonstrate the presence of lariat changes"
Connor Murphy, Advisor: Javier Lopez

3. "Drosophila ventral furrow formation: Is Pros35 upstream or downstream of Twist expression?"
Nina Senutovich, Advisor: Jonathan Minden

4. Maureen Stolzer, Advisor: Jonathan Minden

5. Tara Sharma, Advisor: Charles Ettensohn

6. "Does GPP130 interact with epsinR?'
Melissa Witzberger, Advisor: Adam Linstedt

7. "In vivo two-photon imaging of neuronal processes"
Kristen Yankura, Advisor: Justin Crowley

Dec. 7 Roger Clem  
  Vikrant Kapoor