SURG Recipients (Spring 2007)-Department of Biological Sciences - Carnegie Mellon University

Small Undergraduate Research Grants (SURG)

Sponsored by the Undergraduate Research Office (URO)

Spring 2007 Recipients

Conroy S, Dohar S. Spring 2007. Utilizing Binding between T01-2p dye and SCFY1 Clones as Biosensors. Jones EW, Woolford C, mentors. Biological Sciences, affiliation

Frydman G. Spring 2007. Microbiology of Frick Park Off-Leash Dog Areas. VanBriesen J, mentor. CEE, affiliation

Kwan J. Spring 2007. Osteoblast differentiation and extrcellular matrix mineralization in response to pore size and geometry. Srinivasan A, mentor. BTEC, affiliation

Mingle K, Shah A. Spring 2007. Effect of Experiencing Goal-directed Action on Infants' Knowledge of Causality. Raskison D, mentor. Psychology, affiliation

Newby G. Spring 2007. Site Directed Mutagenesis of a Putative Tail Spike Gene in Bacteriophage 9NA. Burnette J, mentor. Biological Sciences, affiliation

Patel L. Spring 2007. Manipulating PBN1 Gene in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Jones EW, mentor. Biological Sciences, affiliation

Xu J. Spring 2007. Emotion Expression in Social Support Interactions. Feeney B, mentor. Psychology, affiliation