Purpose of the Beckman Scholars Program-Department of Biological Sciences - Carnegie Mellon University

Purpose of the Beckman Scholars Program

According to the program announcement issued by the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation, the purpose of the Beckman Scholars Program is to help stimulate, encourage and support research activities by exceptionally talented undergraduate students who are pursuing their studies at accredited universities and four-year colleges located in the United States of America. These research activities shall be centered in either chemistry, biochemistry, the biological and medical sciences or some combination of these subjects.

The research work shall be performed part-time (up to ten hours per week) during one academic year and full-time over two summers (ten weeks each summer) immediately before and after the academic year research experience.

Students will be named as Beckman Scholars in the Spring of their sophomore or junior years. Once selected to be a Beckman Scholar, a student will retain the scholarship as long as he/she continues to excel academically, is in good academic standing, and his/her research work shows satisfactory progress. Beckman Scholar summer scholarships may extend through the summer following graduation.

The Beckman Foundation selected Carnegie Mellon in 1998 to be among the first participants in the Beckman Scholars Program.