CMU Lab Co-hosts “Tour Your Future”-Department of Biological Sciences - Carnegie Mellon University

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

CMU Lab Co-hosts “Tour Your Future”

Twelve girls from local middle schools and high schools spent their Saturday morning visiting Biology Laboratories at the Mellon Institute. A  “Tour Your Future” event, run through the Carnegie Science Center/Girls Math and Science partnership, provides girls with opportunities to experience first hand the working life of women in STEM careers.
The girls visited the Mellon Institute’s Marine Aquaria Facility where they had a chance to get their hands wet and get “eye to spine” with some of the echinoderms housed there. They were able to get the animals to spawn to produce gametes and also had a chance to try some molecular biology and look at florescent DNA on agarose gels. The highlight of the tour for the group was getting to use the microscopes to watch eggs and sperm meet to make embryos.
This event was organized by Nina Barbuto (Carnegie Science Center); Adam Foote, Sowyma Yennan and Veronica Hinman (Biological Sciences).