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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

BioSAC Presents “Lethal Las Vegas: A Biology Break Adventure”

On February 11, the Biological Student Advisory Council (BioSAC) presented an original play for their annual Murder Mystery Dinner. Written by Berryhill McCarty and Patricia Thang, “Lethal Las Vegas” took the audience from classroom to casino for a night of singing, dancing, and murder.

The play follows a group of biology students as they travel to Las Vegas over spring break for a once in a lifetime chance to see Beyonce live in concert. Little do they know that the trip will become more complicated than they could ever imagine.

This year’s cast included:

Rachel Sewell as Toni “The Agar” Vitale
Dr. Carrie Doonan as Doctor D.
Paige Davison as roy
Berryhill McCarty as Siegfried
Rene Francolini as CeeCee Elegan
Patricia Thang as Jean Knockdown
Nicholas Zuniga as Drew Sophila
Alex Rodriguez as Armando Acid
Sheetal ALaad as Polly Purine
Monica McCall as Penny Pyrimidine
Maddie Balzarini as Benjamina Zene
Alexis Oguh as Bouncer and Dr. Grotzinger
Dr. Maggie Braun as Maggie Braun
and Olumide Martins as Beyonce

Click to view the video from the one-night performance of “Lethal Las Vegas.”