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“Trouble in Amazonia” Presented by the Biological Sciences Student Advisory Council

April 1, 2008

“Trouble in Amazonia” Presented by the Biological Sciences Student Advisory CouncilThe Biological Sciences Student Advisory Council (BioSAC) took center stage for their annual Murder Mystery Dinner on January 28 and 29. This year the group performed the two act play “Trouble in Amazonia”, written by Senior Michael Hartwell.

“Trouble in Amazonia” follows a group of scientists and a band of smugglers, as they attempt to locate the “Devil’s Corsage”, a rare orchid that supposedly contains unimaginable medicinal potential and tremendous beauty. When the two groups meet during their quest murder ensues.

True to the murder mystery genre, the plot included many equally dubious suspects, including Tim Helbig as the leader of the scientists, Dr. Gil van der Waals, and Andrea Zonneveld as the leader of the smugglers, Josephina Golgi. The cast of characters also included:

Greg Newby as J. Thomas Stuart,
Orr Rozov as Maggie Malone,
Annie Shaw as Carla,
Rohit Ramnath as Skip,
Sam Spath as Natasha,
Steve Reilly as Gunther,
Sharon Briggs, Ms. Amelia Snirp
Carrie Doonan as Arwen and
Lynley Doonan and Sharon Briggs as Emcee.

At the end of the play, the audience was asked to review clues and question all of the suspects. The audience then turned in guesses as to who-dunnit to the detective, played by Dr. Peter Berget. The first group to identify the correct suspect received a prize and bragging rights until next year’s murder mystery.

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