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Undergraduate Biological Sciences' Students Participate in Outreach with Local Middle School

March 17, 2008

Undergraduate Biological Sciences' Students Participate in Outreach with Local Middle SchoolIn February, five undergraduate members of the Biological Sciences Student Advisory Council (BioSAC) visited Dorseyville Middle School, located in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, as part of the group’s continued outreach efforts. Through their outreach events, the group strives to instill a sense of curiosity and excitement about the sciences within K-12 populations. Group members Alana Cheeks-Lomax, Steve Reilly, Betty Mbom, Charlotte Jennings and Megan Martik, assisted by Rebecca Bollinger, Dr. Amy Burkert and Dr. Eric Grotzinger, met with the fifth through seventh graders to discuss and participate in activities related to cell biology with an emphasis on stem cell research.

The event began with Burkert explaining what stem cells are and how they have impacted science. Following the talk, the students were able to observe experiments involving cell cultures in various stages of development through a microscope. Students then drew their observations and discussed their favorite part of the cell. During the incubation times, the Biological Sciences students shared how they became interested in science, their current research activities, and post-graduation plans in science.

“It was cool to work with the students and get them excited about science.” Mbom said. “It was interesting to see the students’ questions and how those questions progress.” Mbom also stated that it was an excellent experience for her, because she is interested in integrating teaching and outreach in her research-focused career.