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An Undergrad's Experience in Neuroscience at the Department of Biological Sciences

December 21 , 2007

Navid Shams (MCS '07)Fueled by a simple curiosity for how the human brain develops, Navid Shams (MCS '07) ventured into the undergraduate neuroscience program at Carnegie Mellon. Waiting there for him were research opportunities he feels he would not have gotten at any other university.

"Carnegie Mellon has both inspiring faculty who encourage undergraduate research, and the programs to support it," said Shams. "The skills I gained in the laboratory qualified me for a research position in a neurobiology lab at Harvard's Children's Hospital in Boston."

With funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Shams was able to study the visual system of an animal model and identify variations from normal development.

His work was part of Carnegie Mellon neurobiologist Justin Crowley's research on how neurons form intricate connections with one another and how the connections change and grow over time. The research could ultimately lead to treatment options for repairing damage to the circuitry of the nervous system caused by traumatic injury or disease. 

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