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Graduate Students and Faculty Present Research at Carnegie Mellon's Third Annual Bioimaging Day

Graduate Students and Faculty Present Research at Carnegie Mellon's Third Annual Bioimaging DayOn February 21, 2007, graduate students and faculty gathered to present bioimaging data or their cutting edge methods for extracting information from bioimaged data for Carnegie Mellon's Third Annual Bioimaging Day. The Department of Biological Sciences was well represented, with three faculty members presenting research done in their labs and a number of posters exhibited by Departmental faculty and graduate students.

"Fluorescent reagents for imaging networks and pathways in living cells"
Alan Waggoner

"Location proteomics and and systems biology"
Robert Murphy

"Tracking immune cell migration in vivo by cellular MRI"
Chien Ho

"Image analysis toolbox for high-throughput Drosophila embryo RNAi screens"
Ryan Kellogg, Amina Chebira, Anupam Goyal, Philip A. Cuadra, Jonathan Minden, Jelena Kovacevic

"A stacked graphical model for associating information from text images in figures"
Zhenzhen Kou, William W. Cohen, Robert Murphy

"An APC2-Diaphanous complex organizes actin in the Drosophila syncytial embryo"
Rebecca L. Webb, Jasper S. Weinberg, Mengning Zhou, Brooke M. McCartney

"Large scale automated analysis of location patterns in randomly-tagged 3T3 cells"
Elvira Garcia Osuna, Juchang Hua, Nicholas W. Bateman, Ting Zhao, Peter B. Berget, Robert F. Murphy

"Functional and proteomic analysis of V1 cortical modules"
Corey Flynn, Justin Crowley

"Automated learning of generative models for subcellular location - building blocks for systems biology"
Ting Zhao, Robert F. Murphy

"A novel graphical model approach to segmenting cell images"
Shann-Ching Chen, Ting Zhao, Geoffrey J. Gordon, Robert F. Murphy

"Application of temporal texture features to automated analysis of protein subcellular locations in time series fluorescence microscope images"
Yanhua Hu, Jesus Carmona, Scott Nowicki, Robert F. Murphy

"Protein subcellular location image database for comprehensive image retrieval and automated interpretation"
Juchang Hua, Ting Zhao, Yanhua Hu, Shann-Ching Chen, Amol Shanbhag, Justin Newberg, Elvira Garcia Osuna, Robert F. Murphy

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