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Five Department of Biological Sciences Faculty Members Present at University of Pittsburgh's Science2006 Conference

University of Pittsburgh's Science2006 ConferenceDepartmental faculty presented a range of seminars at the University of Pittsburgh's Science 2006, the sixth annual regional celebration of local science and technology.

Spotlight Session IV - Wiring the Developing Brain: Genes, Molecules, and Activity

"Balancing the roles of molecular specification and activity-dependent patterning in visual system development"
Justin Crowley

"Activity-dependent changes in cortical circuitry during development"
Alison Barth

Spotlight Session VI - Nature's Molecular Mechanics: The Grease, the Oil, and the Amino Acids

"Signal transduction and the cytoskeleton: the APC connection"
Brooke McCartney

"Kinesin proteins as motors for moving cargo along microtubule tracks"
David Hackney

Spotlight Session XI - New Ways of Seeing and Measuring Things

"Fluorescence detection in biomedicine . . . A billion dollar industry"
Alan Waggoner

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