Time Sheets-HHMI Undergraduate Program - Carnegie Mellon University

Student Time Sheets


  1. Download a pdf time sheet here and print it out.
  2. Fill in the times you started and finished working in the lab each day. If you work a full day, you must take and indicate a half-hour break for lunch. Then enter daily and weekly totals.
  3. Fill in the fields at the top, including Soc. Sec. #, Name, and Period End Date. Leave the Appt. field blank.
  4. Sign and date the time sheet.
  5. Ask your supervisor or her/his designate to sign and date the time sheet.
  6. Submit the completed time sheet to Ms. Janice Sherry in the MCS Dean’s Office, Mellon Institute room 424, no later than 4 pm on the Friday before the period end date.

Use a blue or black pen – not pencil! – and print legibly to avoid any delay in payment.