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HHMI Summer Scholar

The application deadline for Summer 2014 positions is 5:00 p.m. on Monday, February 24, 2014. Applicants will be notified of their application status by Friday, March 7, 2014. All Summer Scholar applicants are automatically considered for Summer Researcher positions as well.

The HHMI Summer Scholar program is designed to give current Carnegie Mellon undergraduates who wish to pursue a Ph.D. degree the opportunity to participate in a full-time, focused summer research project. This annual 10-week program provides intensive, individualized research experiences in various areas of the biological sciences, including molecular biology, genetics, cell biology, developmental biology, computational biology and bioinformatics, biochemistry, biophysics and neurobiology as well as in computer science and chemistry.

For Summer 2014, participants in the program received wage compensation of $4000 and a housing allowance of $1500.

The core of the program consists of an individual research project carried out under the supervision of a participating faculty researcher supervisor. The scientific program also includes research presentations by faculty members, group discussion of articles from the scientific literature, presentations on career options and scientific ethics, and a concluding symposium in which all students present the results of their research. In addition to the scientific program, students can participate in a variety of extracurricular activities.

The 2014 program dates are Tuesday, May 27 Friday, August 1.

Applicants should be in their sophomore or junior year at the time of application. Students who wish to apply during their freshman year must receive approval of the Program Director.

Scholar applications have two important components:

  1. a personal statement;
  2. a letter of support from the research mentor or academic advisor.

Personal Statement

Use the box indicated on the online application form. Your statement may be 500-1000 words in length. You may include any information that you consider relevant to evaluation of your application, but the review committee will look for six specific points:

  1. your academic interests;
  2. your life goals (which are not necessarily career goals);
  3. your formative experiences and how they shaped your interests and goals;
  4. your career goals and how they tie together your academic interests and life goals;
  5. how this project relates to your interests, and how it will support or shape your career goals;
  6. any other benefits from your participation in the HHMI Summer Scholars program.

Letter of Support

A letter of support from your proposed research mentor or academic advisor should explain your accomplishments, potential, and the importance of your participation in this program. The letter should be submitted by email to It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the letter is submitted by the deadline.

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